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About CPCA, Inc


                    Community Partners Commission Association, Inc

History of Service Driven by the Needs of the Community


Community Partners Commission Assoc., Inc  (CPCA, Inc) is a non for profit 

501 ( c ) 3 organization established in  2004.  The CPCA, Inc. -  Community Enrichment Program was conceived by Dedra Wade, President of Community Partner Commission Association, Inc. Dedra Wade is the former Community Affairs Chief, NYC Dept of Probation and has a vast background in community organizing, community development, resident and organization community surveys, criminal investigation and community supervision.


Dedra Wade's experience culminated in her leading a coalition of experienced social service, athletic and business organizations that evolved into the CPCA, Inc Community Enrichment Coalition and subsequently the CPCA, Inc Community Enrichment Center


The CPCA, Inc – Community Enrichment Center – has answered the call for many community resident needs from creating a data base of community resources for easy access by all - to building community centers and senior housing.  With all we have done, the community’s needs, though changed, continue and we find our job is not done.


CPCA, Inc – Community Enrichment Center continues to grow to meet the needs of all. We have  become a “one stop shopping” style, community accessible location which is a beacon of hope dedicated to the communities we serve:


                  CPCA, Inc . Brooklyn Community Enrichment Center  

                          2318 Atlantic Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 11233

Our Mission

The mission of  CPCA Inc. is to develop organization and community resident partnerships in local community locations that provide access to life enhancing social resources, education, employment and housing for target populations that include the elderly, low-income individuals/families, seniors, reentry, homeless and those at risk.


Our Goals

Our core goals include:

Creating partnerships that benefit the community as a whole : benefiting residents, organization members and business owners mutually.


Enhancing the quality of community life  -through  improved economic viability; access to education, employment,  increased personal independence and sustainability of family  and community life styles


Encouraging other to help us live up to our motto

“ Creating Partnerships that Change Lives and Build Community”


Community Partners Commission Association, Inc


"Creating Partnerships that Change Lives & Community"